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Utility Department


WAF and SAF:

Outside customers who wish to establish new service where no previous service has been established are required to pay Water Assessment Fee (WAF) and/or Sewer Assessment Fee (SAF) in addition to meter purchase.

Meter & Taps Price


Office Hours:

If you have an Emergency After Hours

call 318-965-2781 to speak to a live operator who will contact town staff.

Ways you can pay your bill:

Town Hall 105 Sibley St.

   1. drop box at the front door

   2. drive up drop box in back

   (Please, no cash in drop boxes.)

In Person:

   Checks, money orders,

   cash, and credit cards.

Mail in payments to:

   Town of Benton

   P O Box 1390

   Benton, LA 71006

Click below to make a payment online:

New Service:

Things to bring with you when starting new service:

  • Valid Drivers License or state issued photo ID.
  • Renters: Bring a copy of your lease agreement.
  • New Service Form & Deposit


Cash, Checks, and Money orders ONLY are accepted for deposits.

Home Owners            $75.00

Renters                         $150.00

Mobile Homes            $150.00

Commercial                $100.00

Religious Facilities   $100.00

Trash Service:

Customers who live inside town are provided trash service at a discounted rate. This service is included on your water bill each month. When you establish new service be sure to let us know if a new can is needed at your location. For can replacements, or questions please us at Town Hall at 318-965-2781 during normal business hours. Trash Service is every Monday morning. (Early)

Yard Waste:

Every Wednesday the Town picks up yard waste and large items that the Trash Company doesn't normally pick up.


Things we will pick up....

Yard waste and small limbs must be bagged and left at the curb.

Appliances and furniture items will be picked up if left at the curb. REMEMBER to remove appliance doors for child safety.

Things we DO NOT pick up...

Paint or Paint Cans

Old tires


Construction debris from home repairs or remodels.

Tips on saving water:


Inside Customers:

Water $6.89 per 1000 gallons + $7.00 flat rate

Sewer $2.50 per 1000 gallons + $3.00 flat rate

Trash Service $17.00 per month

Outside Customers:

Water $7.60 per 1000 gallons + $10.50 flat rate

Sewer $3.75 per 1000 gallons + $6.00 flat rate


Read dates:

Meters are read between the 15th and 18th of each month. We are a drive by radio read system. Which means our meter reader does not have to physically read each meter.


Bills are generally mailed out to customers between 19th and 25th of each month.

Due Dates, Late Fees, and Disconnects:

Payments are due on the 12th of each month.

On the 13th a 10% late charge will be added.

Unpaid accounts will be disconnected on the 21st of each month and a non-payment fee of $10.00 will be added to your balance.


Customers who have a high bill due to a leak or filling a swimming pool will need to fill out a leak form and we will make an adjustment to the sewer portion of your bill. 

Adjustments are not made to the water portions of bills.

Please, provide the following documentation along with your completed 

Leak Form:

Number of gallons used to fill a swimming pool. (ie. a copy of the pool description)

For leak adjustments you will need to show proof that the leak was repaired. (ie. receipts from plumber, or receipts from hardware purchase if you repaired the leak yourself.)



Forms can be faxed to

318-965-2577 attention

Water Dept.


Mail to

P O Box 1390

Benton, Louisiana 71006

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